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How to Extend a Kitchen Island | Top 10 Options

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Do you have a kitchen island that isn’t quite large enough? Learn how to extend a kitchen island with several options! Plus, see how my kitchen island extension turned out with our recent mini kitchen remodel.

Kitchen sink

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Mini Kitchen Remodel Update

When we did our kitchen remodel in 2019, I didn’t think ahead to accommodate for our growing family. That left us with a super tight eating space in the kitchen, where we like to eat breakfast and lunch together.

Even though I designed the original island to be 43″x84″, it was elbow to elbow when all four of us were sitting at the countertop. I had thought that kitchen island size was enough for four stools.

Small kitchen island with legs.

While they did fit, it wasn’t comfortable and left no space for additional seating.

When we decided to replace the laminate flooring on the main level, it was the perfect time to also extend the kitchen island!

We also decided to darken the island to match the new flooring.

In the process, I discovered many ways to extend a kitchen island. Learn how to extend a kitchen island and choose which option might be best for you!

Kitchen remodel regrets

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how to extend a kitchen island

There are multiple ways to extend a kitchen island so you have more seating and/or counter space, depending on your needs.

How to extend a kitchen island with legs.

All of these options include how to lengthen a kitchen island that is already installed.

Island Extension + keep existing countertops

  1. Add another level to an existing kitchen island
  2. Incorporate a stand alone island extension
  3. Butt a new work surface to your existing countertop
  4. Add a table to your existing kitchen island
  5. Add butcher block to one end

Island extension with new countertops

  1. Extend a kitchen island with legs
  2. Add a cantilever countertop
  3. Install an open waterfall countertop
  4. Install additional base cabinetry with a new island top
  5. DIY an end cap with shelving (Can also be done with existing countertops by using butcher block or another top for this addition.)

The majority of these are self explanatory. However, I wanted to dive into my favorite options in more detail!

how to extend a kitchen island with legs

Our kitchen island extension was done by reusing our original kitchen island cabinetry and adding legs.

This included lengthening the skirting to 10 feet long to support the additional countertop overhang.

Adding legs to extend a kitchen island.

We now have about two and a half feet of open space on one side of the kitchen island. This is excellent for additional seating if we ever need more stools.

By choosing to extend the kitchen island with legs, we were able to save money by reusing the existing base cabinets.

While we did pay to have the cabinets refinished to this beautiful charcoal color, the majority of the cost was in the island legs and a new island countertop.

How Much Does It Cost To Extend a Kitchen Island?

The cost to extend a kitchen island can vary greatly.

Kitchen island granite countertop

Each kitchen island extension is going to cost a different amount, depending on:

  • The materials you choose
  • How much of an extension you create
  • If you need to replace the countertop
  • Labor and installation costs for your area
  • The type of extension you decide on

Kitchen countertop decor.

You can find a stand alone island extension that is several hundred dollars, or you can install a custom extension that can cost several thousand.

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Incorporate a stand alone island extension

If you are looking for a very budget friendly option, I would highly recommend adding a stand alone island extension.

This can be done by either purchasing one pre-made, or crafting your own to the dimensions you need.

Island extensions come in a variety of sizes. However, the majority of them are for additional counter space, rather than additional seating.

You can add surface space with shelving like this extremely affordable option that also offers storage.

However, if you’re looking to add seating, try an option that has an open area for leg room like this extension. While it can serve as a stand alone island in small kitchens, it can also serve as an extension if it fits your island’s dimensions.

Most of the time, it will make the most sense to build an extension like this from scratch to work with your existing kitchen island. Most carpenters or handy DIYers can build this type of structure easily for an affordable option.

Add a cantilever countertop

On the flip side, you can extend your kitchen island by adding a larger countertop. While I chose to do this by adding legs for support, you can also accomplish the same goal with a cantilever countertop.

Cantilever countertops either extend out one end, or extend over both sides like a balanced table top. Either option gives you more seating and more surface area.

However, you will need to assess how much over hang is stable for the countertop you choose. Working with your local countertop expert is the best way to go about this as it will vary based on material.

You can get a better idea of some cantilever island options in this article.

Butt a New Work Surface to Existing Island

Let me quickly discuss one item that might have been confusing from the list.

Adding a new work surface to one end of an existing island is a viable option to extend your island.

You can do this by building an extension of any kind, and then adding a contrasting material for the top.

Butcher block is often a great material to use to accomplish this.

As you can see in this beautiful kitchen designed by Studio McGee, butcher block ties in well with white countertops.

The trick to this method is ensuring that whatever extension you create, your two countertop materials hit at the same height for a seamless transition.

kitchen island dimensions

One of my most asked questions from our previous kitchen remodel was, “What are your kitchen island dimensions?”

Kitchen island dimensions.

kitchen island size for 4 stools

As I stated above, our first kitchen remodel had an island measuring 43″x84″.

This fit four stools. However, it was tight.

If you have a small kitchen and have no wiggle room, this is the shortest length you should go to be able to fit four stools.

4 counter stools at a kitchen island.

On the other hand, you should aim for 10 feet in length to comfortably fit four counter stools at a kitchen island.

Our new kitchen island measurements are 43″x116″. This is just a few inches shy of 10 feet.

We love the new size! And I’m also loving the dark kitchen island stain I chose.

Kitchen shelves

Our previous wood tone accents in the kitchen were more orange toned. With the replacement of our main level flooring, it no longer matched well.

So I updated all the wood accents in the kitchen to a charcoal stain over maple wood.

Dark shelves in a kitchen.

I love the high contrast design it creates!

Plus, there are now less wood tones to compete throughout the entire house.

Kitchen pantry cabinet.

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How to Extend a Kitchen Island


  1. What does he 4th corner look like? Did you add a leg there? Did you need to add any supports for the overhang on the back side of the cabinet portion of the island?

    1. The cabinet supports one side while a leg supports the other on the back corner. The overhang support will be dependent on your countertop choice and installer due to individual product regulations.

  2. So I have laminate countertops. I’m thinking to extend the island and resin the countertops? Do you think if I just screw in some plywood as my base and then resin the full Island countertop and add legs. That’ll be sturdy?

  3. Hi, I love your new island and kitchen. I was wondering if you could share the dimensions of your kitchen? I’m trying to plan a kitchen and want to make sure I leave enough space around the island. Thanks!

  4. Great article. Wondering what your sink is made of and does it fold it or is it a glare on the picture. Thanks

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