11 Fresh Modern Farmhouse Entryway Ideas in 2024

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Modern farmhouse is a classic and beautiful style. Because of that, your entryway decor doesn’t have to be complicated! These simple decorating tips will keep your home up to date without changing your style. Here are 11 fresh ideas for your modern farmhouse entryway to keep your home with the times.

modern farmhouse Entryway bench with open double doors

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Is modern farmhouse going out of style?

Let’s just begin by asking the question that everyone is asking in 2021, “Is modern farmhouse design going out of style?”

Depends on who you ask. 😉

I am a huge proponent of not keeping up with the trends, just to keep up with the trends. Modern farmhouse is a classic style that has very classic design elements. These design elements can be tweaked ever-so-slightly to accommodate other design styles.

These small tweaks allow you, as a home owner, to keep the overarching style of your entryway, while staying current with accessories.

So if you are feeling like your space needs an update, start small.

Make a few tweaks with accessories or paint colors rather than revamping the entire foyer.

With that said, let’s talk about some ways to do this very quickly and on a budget!

What is modern farmhouse decorating style?

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s quickly define what elements make up this design style.

The modern farmhouse design style is less about the function of a room and more about the feel of it. Comfort plays a huge role in this style as pillows, blankets and plush furnishings are main staples.

Neutral colors paired with black and wood tones is a typical modern farmhouse color palette. Wood, white and black is the signature palette for modern farmhouse living rooms and kitchens.

Additionally, vintage pieces play a big role in modern farmhouse style. This can be vintage decor, vintage rugs or architectural pieces. And, while most furniture pieces aren’t ornate, turned table legs are a huge element in this design style.

You can learn more about this style, plus how it works with mid century modern, in this article.

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Modern Farmhouse Entryway Ideas

There are several main elements of designing an entryway.

  • Intentional Design Elements to set the tone
  • Furnishings for Function
  • Decor for Aesthetics

Let’s start with the basics for a modern farmhouse foyer. These are the design elements that set the stage for the way your entryway feels and functions even before you add furniture or decor.

  1. Color
  2. Wall treatments
  3. Flow and layout (Create a zone)
modern farmhouse entryway with double doors

Every entryway will operate differently based on the existing floor plan and the needs of each family.

Some entryways, like mine, are used only for guests because there is a back entrance used daily by your family.

Other families only have one entrance, and so it needs to function differently than it would for a guest entrance only.

Your first step is to determine what feel and function your entryway must serve for your family. Let’s start with color.

Choosing Color in your Entryway

Does your entryway have natural light?

11 Fresh Modern Farmhouse Entryway Ideas in 2021

Natural light is a huge factor in determining what color to use in any room. If you have no natural light, a lighter color will help the space feel fresh and open.

If you have lots of natural light, darker colors can help a space feel cozy and welcoming.

Modern farmhouse style tends to lean towards lighter colors; however, that doesn’t mean you are limited to white!

White can be a difficult color if your entryway serves at the main entrance for your family. It will show more dirt and wall smudges than darker colors.

A few great alternatives are light taupes, greys and soft colors with muted deep tones.

Add a Wall Treatment

You may have noticed that shiplap has been a large trend ever since Joanna Gaines came on the scene. But is shiplap going out of style?

For many high-end designers, shiplap is a thing of the past. However, I still love it! And if you do too, then don’t worry about the trends.

Adding a wall treatment is a great way to create a space with a customized look on a smaller budget. Plus, it doesn’t take up any real estate in your entryway if you are already dealing with a small space.

I’ve done many different types of wall treatments throughout my home. I have beginner friendly tutorials on all of them, which I will link for you below.

In my modern farmhouse entryway, I installed a fresh floor to ceiling board and batten. Wall treatments are classic and have been a main design staple for hundreds of years. You can never go wrong with adding a wall treatment!

Check out these various types of wall treatments below.

Flow and Layout

The next element to consider is the flow and layout of your entryway.

Some entryways are more like a narrow hallway with walls on both sides.

Others have pony walls, some have one wall, and still others are completely open.

My entryway is completely open to our main livings areas. From our entry, we walk directly into the living room and kitchen.

Velvet sofa in a mid-century modern living room.

For that reason, I needed to create an entryway zone since there are no natural barriers.

To do this, I used a rug to define the entry. Next, I sectioned off the living room from the foyer with a modern farmhouse foyer table. This table serves both areas by being the dividing line while functioning as its intended.

In your entryway, you will need to determine how you want it to function for your family based on the layout and flow of your space. This is a good segue to talk about entryway must haves in small spaces.

What do you put in a small entryway?

Everyone will have different needs for an entryway based on whether or not it is your main entrance.

However, in general, most families’ “must haves” are:

  • Storage (Closets are great, but in their absence hooks, shoe cabinets and shelves are game changers.)
  • Bench for putting on shoes or getting dressed in snow gear…etc.
  • If possible, a drop zone for small items like keys, sunglasses and purses.

The end. 😉

It’s amazing what is actually a necessity when we really think about it. So if you have a small entryway, focus on what is needed for functionality rather than aesthetics.

Use wall treatments, color and small wall decor to make the space beautiful without taking up any valuable floor space.

How do you furnish an entryway?

Once you’ve determined what you need in your entryway, then you can decide how to furnish it.

Start by measuring your space in relation to any obstacles.

Double doors open to a front yard

In my entryway, our double doors are a major obstacle. While I love them and would never wish for anything different, their large swing in on both sides drastically limits the furnishes we can fit in this space.

Since the right side is the main non-static door we use, and also opens into the only wall we have in our entryway, I needed to find a very small modern farmhouse entryway bench to fit the space.

Finding small entryway benches is actually quite difficult! My father in law actually made this one for me to my specified dimensions, but I did round up similar styles in another article. If you also have this issue, you could make your own bench as well using my tutorial. You can view both of those resources below.

Entryway Rug

Once you’ve measured and decided what functional furniture will fit, the next step is to add a rug.

Rugs serve multiple purposes in an entryway. They can create a cohesive zone, like mine does, in an open concept home. They serve functional purposes for muddy or wet shoes. And, they are a beautiful design element.

For high traffic entryways, I recommend washable rugs. My favorite washable rugs (that aren’t lacking in style) can be found at Ruggable. I have Ruggable in my kitchen and dining room as well, where I no longer worry about food, spills, and stains!

I have rounded up some of my other favorite family-friendly rug sites for you in this post as well.

modern farmhouse entryway rug

Shop My Entryway

You can shop my current entryway rug here.

My other decor sources, and some favorite alternatives, can be found via the affiliate images below.

Modern farmhouse entryway decor

Now that you’ve figured out the overall design aesthetic you need to serve your family, and decided on the layout and furnishings, it’s time to decorate!

Decorating is icing on the cake. It isn’t necessary, but it just makes it all better. There are SO many options for modern farmhouse decor on the market, but I tend to focus on a few main staples.

  • Simple wall decor
  • Neutral pillows
  • Wood accents
  • Baskets (also functional)
  • Plants
  • Textiles
  • Simple accessories
  • Modern farmhouse entry table if space allows

How do you decorate a farmhouse entryway?

First, get your furniture in place. If you have room for both, choose an entryway bench and foyer table that fit your space. If you really love to accessorize, then make sure the table has multiple levels to add decor to.

Our entryway table is still my favorite many years after purchasing it.

Board and batten is an easy and affordable way to create a custom look! Here is a full tutorial for how to install board and batten as an accent wall! #fromhousetohaven #boardandbatten #accentwall

I’ve styled it so many ways over the years. I love that it has hidden drawers for storage, plus a lower shelf to accessorize.

If you have room for a table, your modern farmhouse entry table decor is going to be where most of your decor is housed. It is a great space for plants, simple accessories, and textile storage.

I even like to use it to stack my pillow covers and seasonal textiles. I simply fold them and pile them up when not in use so they serve as a pretty focal point rather than being wasted in a closet.

Once you get your larger furnishings in place, add a rug and then focus on the walls.

Mirrors, wreaths and large scale art are all perfect ways to adorn your entryway walls.

Fiddle leaf fig wreath

The last step is accessories.

Neutral pillows (most classic for modern farmhouse style), wood accents, hooks and baskets are all excellent additions to a modern farmhouse entryway.

I love to use a simple vintage peg rail with my market bag I bought in Portugal for easy access as we head off to the flea market. If you love the look, you can easily make your own affordable peg rail with this tutorial.

11 Fresh Modern Farmhouse Entryway Ideas to Keep Current

I hope that this article has been helpful to you as you design and style your entryway decor! It is so easy to swap out a few accessories to keep your modern farmhouse entryway up to date with current styles without having to completely revamp your space.

Here are the 11 main elements we’ve discussed to consider for your entryway design:

  1. Wall treatments
  2. Color
  3. Mirror or simple wall decor
  4. Entryway bench
  5. Neutral pillows
  6. Wood accents
  7. Baskets
  8. Entryway table
  9. Plants
  10. Simple Accessories
  11. Textiles (blankets, pillow covers, rugs)
Mirror and basket hanging on a wall

Styling your home doesn’t have to be complicated when you break it down into attainable tasks.

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  1. I have a small, open concept home, and like yours, when you walk in, you are in 3 rooms at once – Entryway, Living room, Dining room – with the entryway and dining room on the same side – separated by the hallway to our bedrooms. Do you carry your wall treatment over to the neighboring room? I really like what you did with your wall treatment – the boards – and I’ve thought about doing something similar for a while, but am not sure how to make it blend, yet feel different from the other spaces – does that make sense? – TIA!

    1. That’s totally a preference! If there is a good visual break, like a hallway, then that is a good stopping point if you only want it in one room. But carrying it throughout an open concept space can make it feel cohesive too.

  2. My entryway is empty and I would like to add the wall treatment like you have in the picture but my dilemma is can you do both that style and shiplap in the same room?

    1. I’d have to see a photo, but my initial reaction is yes! I would just use one or the other sparingly so as not to overwhelm the room.

  3. Opting for tiles for your flooring needs is a great investment and like any other investment you should know how to protect it and make it last longer. Tiles can prove to be highly durable if they are cleaned and maintained properly.

  4. Here is my dilemma. I am very much Farmhouse/rustic interior but the house that we are moving into is mid century modern exterior – not super MCM but definitely not Farmhouse. What are some of the elements that I need to use to integrate the two styles on the exterior. My husband likes the paint color “functional gray” for the body of the house and Griffin for the trim. I tend to lean toward a white body of the house. My question is whether the gray color is going to make it look to mid century modern and not enough Farmhouse.

    1. If the architecture is more MCM, then either white or grey would work beautifully. White will feel modern with a MCM style, so I wouldn’t necessarily say that white would make it feel like farmhouse. There isn’t a lot that can switch an exterior feel if the architecture is strong besides adding some more cottage style garden landscape and decor staples. I’m sure it will be beautiful no matter what color you choose!

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